Wedding Stationery ... Where to start?

Your Engaged! Congratulations! This is an exciting time for you both, by now I'm guessing you have your date and venue booked, and are probably thinking… what next?

Lets get your Save the Dates out!

Your Wedding stationery journey begins at the Save the Dates and continues to right after the wedding. One way to make sure everything is cohesive is to consider the details from start to finish. It’s ‘in the details’ - No pun intended! (well, maybe)

I have put together a Wedding stationery planner to help you with the planning and ordering of your Wedding Stationery. The most important thing for us is that you love your designs, stationary is the first thing which your guests see and tends to be something which is treasured in years to come. We feel that your Wedding Stationery should not only reflect you as a couple, but create a 'first look' of what to expect on your special day.

Lets get planning!

Calculating the quantities

One of the first things you need to work out is the quantity you need. Just a reminder... You don't need to send an invite to every guest only one per household. We also suggest to ordering extra incase of changes to your guestlist. Ordering extra copies later can be very costly so make sure you plan ahead. Don't forget it's always nice to keep one for yourselves too!

What stationery do you need? (or should we say more precisely what stationery do you WANT)

The first items of stationery to consider are your Save the Dates, it obviously depends on when your Wedding date if you still require Save the dates or not, and of course your budget.

If you're getting married at a busy time of year, abroad or at a location which guests will have far to travel, Save the Dates are great idea so your guests can plan (and save) accordingly.

Depending on your budget you could always skip the Save the dates and send your invitations out earlier.

Your invitations!

Next to consider are of course your Wedding Invitations, the main part of your wedding stationery which set the theme of your wedding. Think of what items you would like to include in your suite. The main invitation itself is obviously an essential, but other pieces to consider are information/detail cards, maps, RSVP cards, menu cards. It's your decision.

The finishing touches

I love this part ... all the little details which make the suite special. Think about ribbons, bellybands, vellum wraps, personalised tags and of course not forgetting gorgeous wax seals.

Deciding the design

Bespoke or Pre-designed the decision is yours.

Whether you know exactly what you want or or have some initial ideas. We can start from scratch, designing something completely unique and special. We love hearing all your ideas and working out how we can bring your vision to life.

Alternatively we have worked on a lovely range designs in our house collection many of which are semi-customisable. If you have seen a couple of elements from across our house collection designs, you can combine them into something unique too (For a small extra cost).


I bet one of the first things you decided when you got engaged was what colours your Bridesmaids were going to be wearing. We would love to hear all about it! However, remember just because your bridal party are wearing pink doesn't mean all your stationery has to be pink, it's all about the little details which relate back pulling in your main colour (maybe your names could just be in pink, or the ribbons which tie it all together).

If you have chosen a design from our house collection many of the design colours can be amended to match with your wedding theme/colours.

Bespoke? Let us know what colours you would like to include in your suite and we can go from there, bringing it to life.

Card Stock

We have a variety of card stocks which we tend to use, the main one being a lovely textured 280gsm off white card, alternatively for a more simpler look there is a Matt 350gsm card stock.

Vellum is also super on trend at the moment and is available as an upgrade option which we love at the moment!


All our designs are professionally digitally printed.

There is also the option to upgrade to have digital foiling in a variety of colours - rose gold, gold, silver, copper, red and blue. Traditional foiling is also available.


Standard or premium?

Standard envelopes are available in white or kraft

Alternatively, we offer a lovely collection of premium envelopes in a range of colours. I always think that is a nice idea to have them in a colour that matches back your wedding theme, as it gives your guests a sneak peek as to whats to come.

GETTING TO THE NITTY GRITTY. We need all the info!

Save the Dates

- Names

- Wedding Date

- Location

- Extra info.

I'm often asked... Should we include the wedding venue itself on the Save the dates?

Well its entirely up to you... Some couples just like to have the area of the church/venue - eg.. Rutland. But some couples prefer adding the full location of the wedding. Your guests are more than likely ask your anyway, they will be nosey and will want to know where you've booked, so why not add it. I've also have had some couples who want to add a note about accommodation onto the back of their Save the dates due to the venue wanting to reserve rooms in advance so it if often a requirement in those cases. You know what's right for you.


- Names

- Wedding Date

- Who is the host (Parents Names, If using. Consider the wording of introduction E.g... ‘Together with their families’)

- Time of ceremony

- Location of ceremony

- Time of reception

- Location of reception

- Extra info (Maybe you would like to include any details personal to you as a couple)

- Personalised? (There is also the option to upgrade and have all your guests names printed onto each invitation, making them individual to each guest.)


- RSVP Date

- Yes wording

- No wording

- How to RSVP? (Return address or email)

- Dietary requirements / Song requests / Menu selection required

- Menu choices (if relevant)

Details Card

- Accommodation information

- Travel information

- Gift poem / Gift list information

- Other information

- Map

Now I bet you're thinking! WOW I didn't realise how much information was needed and that's just for your invitations, and of course there's all the lovely 'on the day' stationery items which we can co-ordindate back to your invitations.

It's always good to have a think in advance what you might need:

- Order of Service books

- Table plans

- Welcome signs

- Order of the day signs

- Menu cards

- Place names

- Song request cards

- Personalised tags

- Leaflets

- Other signage

We can design any signage or additional pieces you may require for your wedding to match back with your invitations, obviously every wedding is different.

I hope that you find our Wedding Stationery planners helpful, to find out some of our FAQ hear over to our page here. If you ever do have any questions or would like to know more just drop us an email.

Don't forget to download a copy here!


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